Vending at ArborSide

We aim to provide the largest selection of high quality flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and many other medical cannabis products. If you have any questions about our intake process, please send an email to

New Vendor Process

  1.  Sign up as a member at ArborSide.
  2. Bring a sample with current test results to leave with a budtender.
  3. If we are interested, our intake manager will contact you to schedule a drop off. 

Potency Testing with PSI Labs

PSI Labs is a full-service cannabis testing laboratory, devoted to research, advocacy and quality control testing within Michigan’s retail cannabis industry. We offer potency testing and safety compliance screening services for provisioning centers, growers, caregivers, collectives, cannabis-infused product producers and patients.

Services & Price List

Compensation and Pricing

Flower: Flower pricing is based largely on the bag appeal. This includes the visual appeal of the flowers, the quality of the smell, and the medicinal potency.

Concentrates: Concentrate pricing is based on the color, stability, flavor, and potency. Having a strong brand name also allows us to intake more at once.

ArborSide Vendor Packet


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